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Side Absorption Range Hood A671

Original Price: C$1,799.00


Convenient hands-off operation: With its infrared technology, you can operate this range hood without ever touching the kitchen fan; just wave to turn on and off the fan, completely hands-free.


Turbo mode designed for fried food: This powerful motor comes equipped with turbo mode so that you can enjoy fried and stir-fried dishes without any mess or damage to your kitchen.


Innovative dual-install option: ROBAM designed this range hood to fit inside your cabi-net for the modern minimalist style OR to mount on the wall for a streamlined look with the rest of your kitchen. Install under cabinet or wall mounted.


All of the features you want: The A671 features dishwasher safe mesh filter, energy saving LED lights, and responsive touch screen. Fits 6” duct.


Let us do the installation: We offer professional, installation services (additional charge) in major cities. Reach out today and see if we are in your area. Hassle-free!

ROBAM A671 Range Hood

The slim all-black glass A671 range hood is designed for ease-of-use in your kitchen. Thanks to its versatile installation options, it’s easy to get it up and running in no time. And because of its convenient hands-free operation, you can turn it on and off without ever touching the fan, which means you can keep kitchen messes to a minimum.

The A671 range hood is powerful yet quiet, recognized as the best choice for kitchens by over 50 million families around the world.

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Combining cutting edge design with impressive suction power, this contemporary kitchen exhaust fan is the ideal vent hood for removing odors, fumes, smoke and oil from the most modern kitchens. Sleek modern touch panel. Easy to operate and maintain.


Capture oil dripping from the inside and simply put the baffle filter into your dishwasher to clean.


  • Powerful Motor Equipped with Turbo Mode

  • Mess-Free Operation with Infrared Technology

  • Fits perfectly inside your cabinet for minimalistic design or mounts on your wall

  • Unique Slanted Black Glass Design

  • Easy to Maintain, Touch Control Panel

  • Dishwasher safe baffle filter that makes maintenance not a hassle

  • Energy saving LED that illuminates your culinary needs

  • 3 Speed Setting


Dual design.
Fits perfectly inside your cabinet or mounts on your kitchen wall. The range hood is supplied with clear instructions for simple and straightforward installation.

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A671 (5).jpg

Cutting Edge

Powerful 360 degree fume extractor, efficiently removes smoke, oil and cooking smells from kitchen, releasing fresh air.

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Modern Design

This side-absorption range hood features a black crystal wide- screen over the kitchen exhaust fan - an essential addition to the most contemporary kitchens.

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For a mess-free cooking experience, simply wave your hand in front of the hood to operate when your hands are occupied, or use the touch screen power, speed and light controls on the vent hood.

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Power Supply


Max Static Pressure




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